Brother Dr. Librado Inocencio Ureta

Brother Librado Inocecio Ureta - Organizer, Alpha Phi Omega PhilippinesBrother Dr. Librado Inocencio Ureta
March 18, 1905 - January 22, 1991
Organizer, APO-Philippines

Biographical Sketch

A Brief Biographical Sketch of Brother Dr. Librado "Bado" Inocencio Ureta

Brother Dr. Librado I. Ureta organized the first chapter of Alpha Phi Omega outside the United States of America in 1947 at Far Eastern University in Manila. Alpha Phi Omega of the Philippines became a national organization in 1950. Brother Dr. Ureta served as the first National President.

Bado, as our nominee is familiarly known, made sure APO spread across the Philippine archipelago when he formed Gamma Chapter at Silliman University in Dumaguete, a city in an island province south of the main island of Luzon. Bado served on the Philippine executive board for more than 25 years--the last 10 as National President. When he decided to retire in California in the late 1970s, Brother Dr. Ureta was honored by APO-Philippines as National President Emeritus for life.

Brother Dr. Ureta served as Captain of the U.S. Armed Forces during World War II. He was a Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines. Above all, Bado was an educated man, a Fulbright scholar, and an educator. Degrees he earned from universities in the Philippines, New York, and Arizona were: A.A. Pre-Med, Ph.B. in Social Sciences, M.A. in English, Ed.M. in Guidance and Psychology, Ed.D. in Administration, and Ph.D. in Psychology, with Post-Doctoral Studies work done at Columbia University. He affiliated with Epsilon Sigma Chapter at University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, where he completed his Master of Education. He taught at several leading schools in the Philippines and along the way organized APO chapters. Bado's final legacy was nurturing the growth of Filipino APO alumni associations in North America in the 1980s--now providing community service in 20 major population centers across the USA and Canada. There are almost 300 collegiate chapters in the 7,100-island republic and more than 150 Filipino alumni associations in the Philippines, the rest of Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Filipino APO members from 1950 to date are estimated at 250,000.

Brother Librado I. Ureta, Ph.D., born on March 18, 1905, passed away on January 22, 1991, in Long Beach, California. He is survived by four daughters who live in the United States with their families.

In 1994, The Dr. Librado I. Ureta Foundation, Incorporated, was formed in his name and memory.

Listing of Actions, Accomplishments, and Life Experiences Reflecting Alpha Phi Omega's Cardinal Principles

A. The Resume of Brother Dr. Librado "Bado" Inocencio Ureta Personal

  • Date and Place of Birth:
    March 18, 1905
    Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines
  • Migrated to US: January 13, 1977
  • Date of Death: January 22, 1991 (died of natural causes at the age of 86)
  • Place of Burial:
    Forest Lawn Memorial Parks-Sunnyside,
    1500 East San Antonio Drive,
    Long Beach, CA 90807
    562 424 1631
  • Spouse: Aurelia "Mama" Cruz Ureta of Lingayen, Pangasinan, the Philippines (November 28, 1904 - January 6, 1982)
  • Education of Spouse: Graduate, Philippine Normal College, a teachers' school
  • Date of Marriage: July 4, 1931
  • Children:
    • Rebecca U. de Alba, Nurses' Aide (March 21, 1932 - March 30, 1988)
    • Walter Bill C. Ureta, Radio Engineer (April 17, 1933 - November 7, 1974)
    • Evelyn Rose U. Monteclaro, Nurse (January 23, 1935)
    • Nancy Ruth C. Ureta, Nurse (November 8, 1936)
    • Helen Grace U. Danao, Management Staff (May 28, 1940)
    • Elma Lynne U. Paalam, Social Worker (May 6, 1943)
  • Degrees
    • Post Doctoral Studies in Student Personnel Administration, Columbia University, New York City, New York
    • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. in Psychology), Southwestern University, Tucson, Arizona
    • Doctor of Education (Ed.D. in Administration), Centro Escolar University, Manila
    • Master of Education (Ed.M. in Guidance and Psychology), University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, under the Fulbright Scholarship [Epsilon Sigma Chapter]
    • Master of Arts (M.A. in English), Far Eastern University, Manila
    • Bachelor of Philosophy (Ph.B. in Social Sciences), Union Theological Seminary, Manila
    • Associate in Arts (Pre-Medicine), University of the Philippines, Manila
  • Other Studies
    • Scout Executives Course, Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Los Banos, Laguna
    • Executive Development Course, Young Men's Christian Association of the Philippines, Manila
    • Reserve Officers' Training School, Philippine Army, Baguio City
    • Public Relations Course, School of Social Work, Philippine Women's University, Manila
    • Personnel Management Course, Ateneo University, Padre Faura, Manila
    • Supervisory and Management Course, Industrial Management Center, Manila
  • Work
    • Guidance Director and Professor of Psychology and Guidance, Trinity College, Quezon City, for 12 years until retirement
    • Professor of Psychology and Guidance as well as Professorial Lecturer, Iloilo University, Iloilo City; Baguio Colleges Foundation, Baguio City; Cebu Normal College and Colegio de Recoletos, Cebu City
    • Director of Records, National Council, Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Manila
    • Scout Executive, Bacolod City Boy Scout Council and Cebu Provincial Boy Scout Council
    • Regional Secretary, YMCA Laguna, Quezon and Batangas provinces
    • Administrative and Executive Officer, Elks Cerebral Palsy Project, Inc., Manila
    • Captain, U.S. Armed Forces in the Far East (Philippine Army), World War II
    • First Lieutenant, Ordnance Department, U.S. Army
    • National Coordinator, U.S. Veterans and Pensioners Association of the Philippines
    • Probation Officer, Department of Social Welfare, Manila      
  • Alpha Phi Omega
    • Organizer, Alpha Chapter, Far Eastern University, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity (1947, formalized on March 2, 1950)
    • National President, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity of the Philippines (1950-53)
    • Organizing Advisor, Gamma Chapter, Silliman University, Dumaguete City (October 5, 1953)
    • Incorporator, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity (Philippines), Incorporated, International Service Fraternity and Sorority (October 21, 1953)
    • Member, National Executive Board, Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines), Inc. (1955-56)
    • National Historian, Alpha Phi Omega-Philippines (1959-60)
    • National First Vice President, Alpha Phi Omega-Philippines (1961-62)
    • National Second Vice President, Alpha Phi Omega-Philippines (1963-65)
    • Organizing Advisor, Alpha Alpha Chapter, Trinity College, Quezon City (December 15, 1965)
    • National First Vice President, Alpha Phi Omega-Philippines (1966-68)
    • National President, Alpha Phi Omega-Philippines (1969-79)
    • National President Emeritus, Alpha Phi Omega International Philippines Incorporated
    • Service Fraternity and Sorority (1979 until his death on January 22, 1991)
    • Affiliated with Epsilon Sigma Chapter at University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, where he completed his Master of Education (Ed.M. in Guidance and Psychology)
    • Head of the Philippine Delegation in the U.S.A., Alpha Phi Omega National Convention, Los Angeles, California (1980)
    • Organizing Director and Advisor, Alpha Phi Omega (Philippines) Alumni Association of Southern California (February 7, 1981)
    • Head of the Philippine Delegation from the U.S.A., Alpha Phi Omega National Convention, Mt. Makiling, Los Banos, Laguna (1985)
    • Head of the Philippine Delegation in the U.S.A., Alpha Phi Omega National Convention, Houston, Texas (1986)
  • Other Organizations
    • Philippine Fulbright Scholar Association, Life Member, Manila
    • Free and Accepted Masons, Member, Philippine Bodies, Mt. Lebanon #8
    • The American Legion, Member and Second Vice-Commander, Post 29, Baguio City; Member, Manila Post No. 464, Los Angeles, California
    • National Eagle Scout Association, Member, U.S.A.
    • United Filipino-American Association, Member, Los Angeles, California
    • United Filipino-American Services Organization, Member, Wilmington, California
    • Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Member, Lodge 888, Long Beach, California
    • Military Order of the World Wars, Member, Long Beach, California
    • Far Eastern University Graduate Students Association, President, Manila
    • Graduate Students Association of Centro Escolar University, President, Manila
    • International Students Association of University of Buffalo, President, Buffalo, New York
B. Leadership
The Leadership Example of Brother Dr. Librado "Bado" Inocencio Ureta His humble beginnings make us proud of our nominee. Born poor and orphaned at an early age, Bado struggled to educate himself. He was valedictorian of his high school graduating class. He worked hard through college to live up to his potential, earning two doctorates in the process. Bado put his acquired knowledge to good use, teaching and guiding the Filipino students who value education as the most important legacy of their parents. Brother Dr. Ureta was already working on his master's degree when he organized Alpha Phi Omega in the Philippines. Like a father to the quarter-million young Filipinos who have followed his lead, Bado bequeathed an everlasting love of learning and a strong sense of self-determination. Every member of APO has had college education and, based on the leadership example set by Bado, is prepared to deal with life and all its challenges.
  • Sought high education for himself and family in spite of limited resources
  • Organized Alpha Phi Omega of the Philippines
  • Served for more than 25 years on the Philippine executive board--half of those years as National President
  • Showed leadership by example while remaining humble
C. Friendship
The True Friendship of Brother Dr. Librado "Bado" Inocencio Ureta Bado was a true friend. More than having each one of his Alpha Phi Omega brothers and sisters as friends, he was enemy to no one. Brother Dr. Ureta, throughout his 86 years on earth, had something good to say about anybody. He never was one to give up on his friends. In 1985, Brother Earle M. Herbert was set to attend the national convention in the Philippines. Bado wanted to escort the then APO-USA National President on his first visit of the Asian home of Alpha Phi Omega. Bado had another reason to come home: he wanted to help a dear friend who required Bado's physical presence in the Philippines. At great expense, Bado made the trip with Earle. Helping the friend proved to be a bigger financial setback, but Bado would have been more disappointed if his willingness to be a friend in need were rendered fruitless.
  • Attended almost every Philippine convention between 1950 and 1978
  • Attended the 1980 Los Angeles and 1986 Houston conventions, giving inspirational speeches and leading community singing which were greeted delightfully with standing ovation
  • Attended the 1979 and 1985 Philippine conventions, traveling 16,000 miles from Long Beach, California, and back
  • Took cross-country trips to visit alumni associations in the USA
D. Service
The Selfless Service of Brother Dr. Librado "Bado" Inocencio Ureta While then National Secretary Godofredo P. Neric was National Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of the Philippines, Alpha Phi Omega was housed in the BSP building in Manila. In 1975, however, Brother Fred Neric retired, and Alpha Phi Omega found itself with no office space. Without hesitation, our nominee offered his home in Taytay, Rizal, in the suburbs of Manila, as National Office--a temporary arrangement. The office pretty much consisted of a desk and two filing cabinets full of membership forms and chapter reports. Temporary, though, translated to two years and was cut short only because Bado was leaving for the USA in January 1977. At the time, it was Martial Law in the Philippines, and APO had not held a national convention since 1971. The Ureta home was ground zero of APO activities. As office space was free of charge, so too were staff members inviting themselves to the food and sleeping quarters--free board and lodging--except to Bado who paid the bills. Brother Dr. Ureta knew how to make room for more selfless service people in Alpha Phi Omega. Bado's place in heaven was paid well in advance.
  • Housed the Philippine National Office for two years (1975-76) rent-free
  • Accommodated National Office staff members and walk-in visitors in terms of meals and overnight stay
  • Welcomed new arrivals at his home in Long Beach, California
  • Provided references and commendation letters on request

Source: "Bro. Bado Nomination" by Bro Mel Gonzalez on 01 May 2004. Thank you, Bro Mel!